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My CBD Story

I didn't know much about CBD before I tried it but I was a curious. I had to be cautious because I tend to have a sensitive system and can have a strong reaction to caffeine, medications and certain foods. And I have always been careful of marijuana because I've had strong reactions in the past to that too.  But then I met someone who I admired and she was such a proponent. She shared her CBD cream with me when I told her about my hip arthritis. But I didn't actually buy CBD cream until after my hip surgery because I wanted to try it on my scar. I went to a promotional event and bought my cream. With my purchase I received a goody bag that contained gummies and a chocolate sample. Well i tried the cream on my scar that night and the next morning my scar was visibly calmer. ie: less red and swollen. I was amazed. Days later I was in a stressful situation and so some anxiety was welling up so I decided to try a CBD gummie and voila! I felt calmer. Like a 

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