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Reduce stress, feel good, get strong, find balance, connect to your body and breath.

Private or Small Group Classes


Make it Your Own

A private session in my home studio allows you to have individualized attention. The session can be Yoga, Pilates Mat or Reformer. Proper form, breath, stretching and destressing are emphasized. All help you to connect and rejuvenate your body. Get ready to decompress and destress. 

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Two participants

An in person Small Group Session can be Yoga, Pilates Mat or a Fusion of both. My version of Yogalates. Whatever you choose you'll enjoy a dynamic and balanced session. 

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Pilates Mat

A mat class is Pilates without the larger equipment, such as the Reformer, which Pilates is known for. Done on the floor, exercises often include small props like hand weights, balls, therabands and as shown, the Magic Circle. Naturally all the key principles of Pilates like postural alignment, breathing, core stability and controlled movement are incorporated.
Formats are same as mentioned above.

Pilates Practice at the Studio
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